bruno mars blows up twitter.

Black Music means everything.

By Diana Mwelesa  |  Sat 10th Mar 2018 @ 02:03 AM  |  179 Reads


Bruno Mars is the center of Twitter's latest cultural appropriation debate. Is he a cultural appropriator or a propriator of black music? That is the heat that was on twitter, causing the popstar to become a trending topic.

People all over twitter broke down their sides of the argument. Some argued that Bruno has countlessly honoured the black artists who paved way for his successes and often hires black dancers and musicians to back him up.

But others have countered that the Hawaii- born artist that he copies black music and profits off his racial ambiguity in a way other black artists are not able to do. "That, he takes pre-existing work and recreates it. That he does not improve upon it, that he is a karaoke singer." says Popular Youtuber, Sensei.

This is far from the first time that Mars was the target of cultural appropriation claims, But as many have pointed out, he always makes sure to name the artist who inspired him.

Bruno said, "when you say Black Music, it means jazz,hiphop, reggae, funk, even salsa music stems back to the motherland. So in my world, black music means everything."


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